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Active Meetings with Outdoor Westvoorne

In cooperation with Outdoor Westvoorne Resort Citta Romana offers a number of options to have active meetings. You can therefore choose one of the conference packages and combine them with one or more activities to make a total program. Of course you can also separate the activities and book as team building event or corporate event.

For more inforamtion about the outdoor activities:

Outdoor Westvoorne - 0187-481177 -


Paint balls or laser gamers


Outdoor Brielle is the largest and most enjoyable paintball event park in the Rotterdam, South Holland region. Three tough playing fields at Outdoorbrielle, you do not experience this anywhere else ...

Armed, you enter the grounds and you play one of the different game variants. Men and women compete for the flag, honor or hunt together on the boss or bachelor in the rabbit suit.

Under the guidance of a marshall (referee) you try to eliminate the opponent.

* Children under the age of 12 play children's paintball.

* At least 10 participants.

* The minimum duration is 2 hours, of course you can also play longer.

* Minimum age 12 years, under the age of 18 a declaration of consent is required from parent or guardian.

Includes 100 bullets, a clean camouflage suit, a protective mask and a marshall.
Women get a body protector.

Mountain bike trail


Just get some fresh air after a spirited meeting, or just a nice sporting moment of the day? Let yourself be surprised by a mountain bike instructor that will guide you along nature on all sorts of undegrounds.

With us you can also book mountain bike lessons.These are given by one of our instructors in a group up to six participants. In this lesson you will learn all the ins and outs of mountain biking.

  • Number of bikes: 25 (more mountain bikes on request)
  • Number of participants per instructor: 15
  • Default route bike trail Oostvoornsemeer (other locations on request)
  • Duration of activity: 2 hours
  • Trail length: 12.5 km (along the entire trail runs a secondary cycle) 

Archery Tag


Archery tag can be used anywhere, including at its own location.

The best place to play ArcheryTag is in the area where also Lasergame, Paintball and Airsoft are played. The terrains have multiple obstacles and therefore give a spectacular experience.

  • Game manual:
  • You play in a team.
  • One round takes at least 10 minutes.
  • If you are hit, you must leave the field.
  • During the first 5 minutes you may return to the starting position when you are hit and take part again.
  • During the last 5 minutes you can not return to the field when you are hit.
  • Every team starts on its back line.
  • At the start signal everyone can grab his bow and arrows as soon as possible.
  • You may only have 1 arrow in your hand.
  • The arches remain in the field and may not be taken into the safe zone.
  • When you hit an opponent, your team earns a point.
  • When you override a target, your team earns 5 points.
  • When you overestimate all of the two targets, your team earns 10 bonus points.
  • The team with the most points wins, of course.

Do you have a private area that can be deposited (sports hall, office building, parking lot or parking garage) then we can also come to you. If you do not have any obstacles, we can take them with you and create a playing field for you with up to 20 air cushions (up to 4 meters high).
ArcheryTag can easily be realized on the beach and possibly combined with other activities.

At least 10 participants (if you come with less than you still pay for at least 10 people).
The minimum duration is 1 hour.
Minimum age 10 years.
Multiple theme fields, each with its own look and tactics.
You play with your own group.
Includes arch and 2 arrows, protective mask.

GPS tours


GPS tours through the vast nature of Voorne - Putten, far away from the civilized world and no signs that show the way, what now?

Puzzling you search for the right coordinates and follow the direction of your GPS. Our routes lead you through charming towns and the beautiful nature on the South Holland island of Voorne-Putten.

- At least 4 participants.
-Time duration varies between 1.5 and 2 hours
- No minimum age.
- Choices from different routes.

GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System. This small device determines your exact position and route via the satellites via so-called waypoints.

For example, the location of Outdoor Brielle is represented by the coordinates N51 ° 52.19.37, E4 ° 14.05.08. After entering these coordinates, the arrow in the compass points in the right direction and the number of meters to be covered is displayed.

Highland games


Dressed in a Scottish kilt and perform tough exercises.

Our Highland course is the place to measure sporting with your friends, family or colleagues and is fun as part of a bachelor party, group outing or just a pleasant day out.

The Highland games parts

Tug of war = Tug of war
The strength measurement to draw the opponent along with the clan.

Tossing the caber = Tree trunks
Throw the pole over the head as far as possible, it does not only require force, but technology also plays a role.

Quoiting = Horseshoes
Horseshoes throw around a pin in the ground.

Ringround wrestling = Wrestling
Not quite the same as wrestling but try the flag that the opponent is behind
put his back between his belt, to conquer.

Tussing a tire = Tire designs
Toss as many tires as possible within 1 minute.

Saw a pit = Trunk saws

Try to cut the tree trunk faster than your opponent.

- At least 10 participants, duration is approximately 1.5 hours and there is no minimum age.

Canoeing and raft boating


Cozy canoeing in our Canadian canoes.

Plan your route from our location to the Bernisse or Brielse Meer or perfect for team building. Bring all materials and participants with the canoes to the other side. If everything is on the other side, the construction of the raft starts. The winning team is the team that is the first to be back with this self-built raft.

* At least 10 participants.
* The duration is 1.5 hours
* No minimum age
* Compulsory swimming certificate
* Great for company outing or bachelor party

Djembé workshop


Ready to swing on rousing rhythms from Africa?

During a Djembé workshop you quickly learn the basic techniques of drumming. The combination after a relatively short time gives a surprising result and will lead to astonishment and reinforce the group feeling.

* At least 10 participants.
* Duration 1.5 hours.
* No minimum age
* Djembé play at your location
Instructors with years of experience

Ideal also as part of a children's party.



Being taken along by powerful two-line power kites is a fantastic experience!

Power kiting, or kite flying with large, powerful kites, is a spectacular activity for young and old and is a great experience both individually and in groups. You learn to control and control the powerful pilots through the efforts of our experienced instructors. Depending on the strength of the wind, we will adjust the size of the power kites to give you an optimal wind experience. In short, powerkiten is a super fun activity and also good for teambuilding within your organization!

  • Number of pilots per instructor: 3
  • Wind force: 2 - 6
  • Location: beach or large open field
  • This activity can be perfectly combined with one of our other activities