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Team building

Active packages
Provide variety to your business meeting with a sporty break! Below you find a selection of the options we can book for you. The prices for these activities are available on request as they vary depending on the size of the group and the season. We can also provide coffee, soda and snacks during your program. If your activity is not listed we will check whether we can arrange it for you. We are happy to help.

GPS quest
Go on a quest with the help of a GPS. Answer questions about the area, general knowledge and facts from across the globe.

Diving workshop
Always wanted to know how to breathe under water? Then this is the perfect workshop for you and your colleagues. Experience what it feels like to swim in a pool without having to come up for air.

A guided tour of the fortified city of Hellevoetsluis
Take part in a guided tour of the fortified city of Hellevoetsluis and learn about Dutch seafaring heroes like Tromp and De Ruyter. The tour includes Fort Haerlem, the Oudheidkamer, the Nationaal Fire brigade Museum and, naturally, the Historic Drydock Jan Blanken.

Percussion workshop
There are lots of different types of programs and workshops which are tailor-made for every goal and every target audience.

Rent recumbent bikes or mopeds
It won’t take you long to discover how easy and fun it is to ride a recumbent bike. You can also rent regular bikes or mopeds to discover Hellevoetsluis and the surrounding area in a fun way.

Kite buggying
Reclining on three wheels, the ground just centimetres away and speeding over the beach. Using the wind, controlling the kite with your hands, controlling the buggy with your hands and go. A surprising activity where everyone can determine their own speed.

Power kiting
Are you looking for an exhilarating and active experience? This is the activity for you! There are various types of controllable kites. You will be introduced to them all. From small, cute kites to massive kites of many square metres which can develop strengths you never knew you possessed!

Salsa – Meringue – Batchata workshops
Happy Caribbean sounds which make you think of getting away from it all are currently extremely fashionable. And what could be better than letting go and fully enjoying them! There’s nothing that’s more fun than getting together with a group of friends and acquaintances and just letting your hair down.


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