Resort Citta Romana - Hellevoetsluis, Zuid-Holland, 3221 LV, The Netherlands

A Seal

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  • A seal is a seal sanctuary and expo in Stellendam. Go and have look at the seals and see how the volunteers take care of the sick animals daily. Also, you can learn all about the various seals that live in our area.
  • At A Seal it will feel like you're at sea.You can climb on sand banks and enjoy a view of what you've never seen before. If you look closely in shackles and containers, you discover many interesting facts about the rescue of humans and animals. Our partners KNRM, Rijkswaterstaat, the Hollandse Delta Water and Water company Evides can be found in different corners of the expo. The special Haringvlietsluizen the 1000.000ste rescue of the KNRM and how we keep our feet dry on Goeree-Overflakkee, you will discover it all at A Seal.


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