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Aqua B. Challenge

Aqua B Challenge 
Are you looking for the ideal dance lessons to train your arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks? Then join this spirited dance workout in the water.
On  popular dance music we will use all our muscles, the water which provides resistance to strengthen your muscles and burn more calories.Using various materials, it's a tough workout from 16 years.

Tuesday and Thursday from 19: 30-20:15 pm  at Citta Romana Hellevoetsluis. 
Cost per lesson € 7.50 per lesson. You can also pay by bankcard. Subscribe to this lesson via 


Moms 2 be fit

Stay fit during your pregnancy! 
This lesson will given to music, there will be a variety of muscle relaxation and to keep you in shape, you can move weightlessly in the water and it can help to reduce some pregnancy pains. Subscribe to this lesson via
Tuesday and Thursday from 10:15-11: 00 at Resort Citta Romana in  Hellevoetsluis.
Cost per lesson € 7.50 per lesson this amount you can withdraw from us.

Survival swimming lessons (3-5 years and 6-10 years)

 These lessons are divided into two groups 3-5 years and 6-10 years. The costs of 4 times, 45 minutes is  €50.00 included tax. These classes will start from at least 5 students and exist in 3 different levels. There will be various assignment like:

  • With summer clothes swimming (shorts, t shirt, long pants and a raincoat), but also with winter clothes swimming (sweater, jeans, sports shoes, top boots) and a heavy winter coat.
  • How to save myself and my friend. You will learn different ways to transport your friend.
  • Stay afloat on your pants, or your coat and other stuff.
  • Underwater obstacles you may encounter. Rescue your friend and get him to the side safely.
  • Crawling across a rope underwater.

With survival 3 you also learn to dive up a doll. With this special assigment you can get an cerficate. Various situations that are imitated,  to save objects of getting wet. These are great certificates to have! Join us and send an e-mail to


Private swimming lessons

Children from 4 years can start to help them to get used to the water. And start to teach them to stay a float if they fall in the water. These lessons are also perfect to get over Hydrophobia.  Or just to get better in swimming for there certificate. 

For 30 minutes. €30,00. For more information e-mail

For more information mail to



In our swimming pool we have started Floatfit in cooperation with Letsgosport.

What is Floatfit?

Floatfit is besides addictive fun, also very effective. Participants train their entire body with the work-outs with this special way of moving. On the aquabase, the first driving exercise mat in the world, participants perform various challenging exercises. Because the Aquabase is unstable, it immediately catches the imbalance in the body.

Up to 4 people take part in a lesson! The lessons can also be booked for private sessions, outings with colleagues or an activity during a bachelor day.

You can book the lessons via this link , here you can also see the training program

Have fun!