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Aqua B challenge
Are you looking for the ideal work out to train your arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks?
Then join this spirited dance workout.  With popular dance music we will use all our muscles, the water will provide resistance to strengthen your muscles and burn more calories.  Also by using various materials. It's a tough workout. Minimum age is 16.

Tuesday and Thursday from 19: 30- 20:15 pm  at Citta Romana  

Cost per lesson € 7.50.  Subscribe via

Please mail the date, name, age and telephonenumber.

Moms 2 be fit

Stay fit during your pregnancy! This fun work out on music, there will be various muscle , relaxation exercises and to stay in shape, you can move better in the water. The weightlessness can help reduce pains.
Sign up for this lesson at

Tuesday and Thursday from 10:15-11:00 pm at Resort Citta Romana in Hellevoetsluis.
Cost € 7.50 per class.

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Survival swimming

The lessons will be dived into 2 groups (3-5 years 6-10 years) These classes start only at a minimum of 5 students.  This class consists of 3 degrees. The survival will be a various  off assignments to do.

* With summer clothes (thinking of shorts, t shirt, long pants and a raincoat) but also with winter clothes (sweater, jeans, sports shoes, top boots and the heavy winter coat).

* How to save myself and my friend. You'll learn different transport techniques.
* Stay afloat on your pants, your coat and other stuff.
* Underwater obstacles you may encounter.

* Rescue a friend to get to the shore safely.

* Craling along a rope underwater.

With survival 3 you will also learn to safe a doll, wich has a weight of a child. This will also have an certificate.

Various situations that are imitated, also keeping important objects fo getting wet. These are super skills to have. Come and earn your live safing certificate.

Send your available dates, name, age and telephone number to

4 lessons of 45minutes a day will cost €50,00. 

Private swimming lessons: 

Children from 4 years old can follow private swimming lessons. With these lessons 1 on 1 its is perfect for childeren with Hydrophobia, or children who  would like to get better in a shorter time for there swimming certificate ABC.
€ 30.00 for 30 minutes.
For more information send a mail to


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