The Oostvoorne lake is one of the favourite diving locations in the Netherlands. The Oostvoornse lake used to be open sea, but was dammed of fort he construction of the maasvlakte in order to be able to use the sand for raising of the new industrial area. The water still has a salty character and is therefore extremely clear. Below several diving locations:

  • Oostvoorne – baardmannetje. Ideal for practicing spacious car park and underwater you will find a tyre track, an ANWB post and there are a few suprises.
  • Oostvoorne – Bergeend. Highly suitable for practice and navigation diving.
  • Oostvoorne – Stormvogel. Highly suitable for practice and navigation diving. With all the objects, it is a real playground for both novice and advanced divers.
  • Ouddorp – Preekhil. This location is for experienced divers is known for its good visibility.