The same applies for cyclists as for walkers: plenty of choice and variety.

  • The Brielse Meer route, a popular route on Voorne. The trip takes you along the banks of the Brielse Meer and Oostvoornse Meer. On route, you will pass through Brielle, Zwartewaal and Vierpolders. This route has a total length of 38 km.
  • Another manner is the Kiekendiefroute. This cycling route takes you through the dunes of Oostvoorne and the open landscape that lies behind it. You will travel through exceptional nature areas, where you will find countryside’s, forts, bird reserves and former crates. This route has a total length of 39 km.
  • The voorne route goes over the west part of Voorne. The old fortresses of Hellevoetsluis en Brielle lie on this route. Along this way the cyclist passes along the Voorne dunes, with the Wide Water, the country settings of Strypemonde, which leads the way to the beach resorts of Rockanje and Oostvoorne. The Voorne route has a total length of 47 km. There is a folder for all these routes with maps, photos and descriptions of the picturesque sites.