The beaches of Goeree-Overflakkee and Voorne strech out over some 35 kilometres.

  • The water at the Quackstrand is also shallow a long way out which makes it particulary suitable for young children. Since the completion of the dam in the Haringvliet in 1970 it is located in the inner-dike area, offering fresh water for swimming and playing. There are beach pavilions, a rescue team, and ample parking facilities.
  • Rockanje is a typical seaside resort and adjusted to welcome holidaymakers. The beach of Rockanje can be accessed at two points.
  • The beach of Oostvoorne is more for lovers of nature. This beach offers space, peace and quiet. However, this beach is not always accessible to the public as it is a bird sanctuary beside being a home to other animal species.
  • Maasvlakte 2 has protection in the West against the North Sea by a soft sea wall. This so-called soft sea wall is roughly twice as long as before to the excisiting Maasvalkte. Infrastructure and sufficient parking places provide good accessibility by ca rand bike.
  • As a result of its location at the top of Goeree-Overlakkee, Ouddorp is surrounded by many kilometres of beaches that are great, for everyone’s enjoyment. There is ample space for everyone, due to its expanse. Large parts of the beach are guarded by the rescue brigade. Ouddorp had 2 beaches that have been given the blue flag, namely Brouwersdam and Westerduinpad.