A day in Zeeland

Zeeland is known for its beaches but there is still much more to do in Zeeland. Zeeland has enough fun for a day of fun shopping excursions to and from culture to nature. 

  • Discover the beach with the backpack beach in Ouddorp. Learn more about the beach and the dunes? Rent now a beach backpack at VVV Ouddorp! Very nice and again instructive..vvvzeeland.nl/goeree-overflakkee "target =" _ blank "> 
  • Goats Farm the Mekkerstee. Walk a look around between our goats and other farm animals. Enjoy between delicious homemade ice cream, apple pie or organic goat cheese.See how all of this is made on the Mèkkerstee and experience as the charm of rural life.
  • GPS hiking in Ouddorp. Duration: day walk 20km, 15km and 9km We have a beautiful sea beach dune and polder created stroll along some interesting points..The description and photos are then grafted on this hike, but because the whole area of ​​Goeree is so interesting and so well and safely accessible by bike, we also have a large number of POIs, Points-of-Interest added and described. 
  • Delta Park Neeltje Jans.Want to know more about the Delta Works, you are nature and animal lover or want to do something fun and exciting? Then you come to Delta Park Neeltje Jans. Year-round water fun, interesting exhibits and seal and sea lion shows! 
  • Mini Mundi in Middelburg.Discover the striking buildings of Walcheren in the miniature park. Experience the different attractions of the amusement park and outdoor play! And live completely in the pavilion with the indoor playground and 0-4 land. 
  • In the Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk, you can peruse the floods of 1953 and the fight against the water. To close the holes embankment has been made, inter alia, use of a number of Phoenix-caissons. Large concrete boxes (62 x 20 x 18 wide) that the biggest gaps were closed.In the last sluitingsgat at Ouwerkerk lie in the dyke four of these huge caissons, as a monument to the battle against the water. These caissons connected with underground corridors, the Flood Museum.