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Special villa with Care

Would you like to go on a holiday but does someone of your party need some extra care? Resort Città Romana offers the solution.


Resort Citta Romana works together with Direct Zorg from Brielle. To offer everyone a careless holiday. Direct Zorg Brielle offers a personal contact with the guests which we highly value. Direct Zorg Brielle offers several possibilities in terms of care. It is possible to receive only devices in your holiday house, devices you need during your stay. It is also possible to receice devices as well as care during your stay, the kind of care you are used to at home.


At Citta Romana we have made some of the houses wheelchair accessible. This is the type Castello. These houses can be booked on request.


The holiday house is provided with: a ramp at the front door, an adjusted bathroom downstairs with a spacious shower, in the adjusted bathroom there is also a toilet with hand supports, a ramp at the terrace door on the garden side and the upstairs is adjusted to 1 large bedroom with a bathroom (not wheelchair accessible).


How does it work?


If you only need care products you will get into contact with Medipoint where you can order the needed care products. 

When you also need care, next to care products, you will get into contact with Direct Zorg Brielle. In this way the care demand can be charted in order to determine if the requested care can be realised.


When you wish to receive more information about care during your holiday, please contact our reception at 0031 181 334444.