Relax at our terrace

The most beautiful terrace in the Netherlands, at least we think so. But come and see for yourself, because aside from it being perfectly peaceful on our terrace, it also looks lovely. Because of the good location there is usually no wind, so that you can sit outside a lot of the time.

Take place on one of our lounge sets and feel completely at ease. You will forget about all of your worries, because you only have to enjoy the beautiful pond throughout all the seasons. In the spring you can follow the Coot family, that has been building a nest in the middle of the pond for years. In the summer, enjoy the green oasis of the lillies. In the autumn, the trees will have beautiful autumn colours. And during a cold winter the pond will freeze over, which is a magical sight.

Order a coffee wih pastries, have a drink with bites or eat lunch or diner and enjoy!