Do you want to complete your stay with a beautiful diving trip? The Oostvoornse Meer offers the perfect water for it! The Oostvoornse Meer used to be open sea, but with the landscaping of the Maasvlakte, the lake has been contained so the sand could be used for the rainbowing of the new industrial area. The water still has a saline character which is why it’s particularly clear. Below you will find various diving locations that we recommend:

Baard mannetje


Located in Oostvoorne. Underwater you can find all kinds of things, like an ANWB pole, rowing boat and even more surprises. This is a good location to practice diving.
The location offers plenty of parking possibilities.


Slag Bergeend

The Slag Bergeend is also in Oostvoorne. This location is very suitable for both practicing divers and snorkelers and experienced divers. The experienced diver usually goes to the Loodwrak, the Touwwrak or the rock wall.

Slag Stormvogel

Located in Oostvoorne. When diving in the Oostvoornse Meer you will see many wrecks, of ships from the time that the Oostvoornse Meer was part of the supply route to Rotterdam and Den Briel, as well as a forest of piles. Suitable for starting and experienced divers.


In Ouddorp you can dive at Preekhil. This location is famous for the clear view and is suitable for experienced divers. Do keep in mind that you have to walk some distance from the parking place to the boardin gpoint. But once there, you will be surprised by the calm and untouched underwater nature.