Historical ships
In the fortress town of Hellevoetsluis you will find the ships Mijnveger Bernisse, Ramtorenschip de Buffel and Lichtschip 12 Noord-Hinder. These ships are open for visits, let yourself be transported back to the history of these ships.

Fire Brigade Museums
The National Fire Brigade Museum has a rich collection of fire fighting equipment; from the most primitive equipment from around 1550 to the modern equipment of now. The collection of the museum is unique and may well be the biggest in Europe. Aside from that, there are sometimes changing exhibitions and activities.

Dry dock
Dry dock Jan Blanken has been an important part of the maritime history of Hellevoetsluis for over 200 years. For young and old, a visit to our maritime restoration place is a unique experience. Feel like you are back in the time of the Great Heroes of the Sea. Come and admire innovative traditional craftsmanship in the historical Dry dock Jan Blanken. In the Visitors’ centre, there are interactive screens that you can get to work with.

City Museum Hellevoetsluis
In the City Museum, you can find the history of the former marine harbour Hellevoetsluis and the agricultural villages Nieuw-Helvoet, Nieuwenhoorn and Oudenhoorn.

Go on an adventure and travel back tens of millions of years, to the time of the dinosaurs. Or to the last ice age, where you will experience the cold and come face to face with a life-sized mammoth, cave bear or sabre tooth. Outside in the park you can also experience history and climb into an MIG2 and attack helicopter or feel like a scientist when you go looking for real fossils. History comes to life in Historyland.


In FutureLand you will be face to face with the development of the newest harbour area of Rotterdam. Maasvlakte 2 won’t just show you the most modern container terminals and biggest sea ships in the world, but also the latest innovations in offshore. Curious about other harbour developments in Rotterdam? Be amazed by the role of digitization or promising new forms of energy.

Hidden in the dunes of Oostvoorne you can find a remnant of World War II in the area of Agathahuis. People in the area call this Biberbunker, an enormous concrete colossus built with walls of 3 metres thick. The bunker and Stelling, that this is a part of, tell you about a unique part of history. In the Netherlands, there were 3 of these “stellingen”.

Open Air Museum De Duinhuisjes
Spread throughout the dune area of Voorne there were once a large number of typical dune farms, that were part of the beautiful landscape. The Historical Society of Western Voorne has saved three dunes houses and moved them to Open Air Museum De Duinhuisjes in Rockanje. Here they were renovated in their original style.


RTM museum
Explore the past with the tram on the Brouwersdam. Look at the boats on the Grevelingenmeer from your coupé and listen to the stories of the conductors about the Rotterdamsche Tramweg Maatschappij, which was once the biggest transport company in this area.