Fishing grounds

Find out more about the diversity of the fishing grounds around Resort Città Romana!

Haringvliet Perch, Zander, Pike, Asp

The Haringvliet is a fishing ground of international standing. Fishermen and anglers from around the world come to Hellevloetsluis to participate in the World Predator Classic, one of the main predatory fish angling competitions. The Haringvliet houses the largest perches in Europe, as well as zanders, pikes and asps. The best way to catch these fish is from a boat at the Haringvliet itself. Use the free boat ramp and jetty at the beach Quackstrand and enjoy a great day on the water.

Het Spui

Het Spui connects the Oude Maas with the Haringvliet. Het Spui often has a strong current, which is why the fish passing this body of water are very strong. The most common fish are minnow, bream, perch, eel, and zander.


The Voedingskanaal connects the Oude Maas in Spijkenisse with the Brielse Maas near Zwartewaal. Here you can fish for minnow, bream, carp, pike, and zander.

Volkenrak- Zoommeer Pike, zander, bream, carp

The Volkerak has a surface area of 600 hectares (almost 1500 acres). Because of its size, it can be difficult for the novice angler to discover the best spots, which is why we recommend that you scout the water before choosing your spot. The Volkerak is a highly frequented body of water. The floor has deeper and shallower areas, with the shallower parts mainly near the shores.

Please note: the Volkerak is closed off for angling during certain months of the year. The water houses mainly predatory fish such as pike and zander, but you can also catch white fish like bream and carp.


Streetfishing is a type of fishing whereby the anglers are fishing for predatory fish from the shore. This is often done within towns and villages, at the entrance of a harbour, from quaysides, and along canals. Hellevoetsluis, Stellendam, Middelharnis, Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet, and Den Bommel are great for streetfishing. You could even visit multiple locations on one day.

The Zeedijk in Hellevoetsluis is a good place to fish for bream and common roach from the shore.

Oostvoornse Meer

The Oostvoornse Meer is a lake with a surface area of 230 hectares (around 570 acres). Due to sand extraction, its depth can reach 43 metres in some places. The floor profile alternates strongly with some steep shorelines. The water is exceptionally clear and consists of a combination of salt and sweet water. The Oostvoornse Meer is where you mainly find rainbow trout and brown trout. It’s allowed to take a belly boat or rowing boat out onto the water.

Kanaal Canal Minnow, bream, carp, pike and zander

The Voorne Canal ends in the Haringvliet. The canal houses minnow, bream, carp, pike, and zander, of which the bream is the most popular fish here. The best months to fish for bream are April and May. During this period, annual competitions are organised with lots of participants from the UK and Belgium.


Nature reserve Bernisse includes a trout pond filled with rainbow trout. Angling here is allowed at a fee and you can take the fish that you catch home. The pond also has a cosy terrace making it a nice place to bring the kids as well.

De Bernisse further includes small lakes and ponds, and it connects Het Spui with the Voedingskanaal. Its length is about 10 km. The most common fish are minnow, bream, carp, eel, pike, and zander.