Voorne Putten an island full of contrast, the Zeeland experience just 30 minutes away from Rotterdam.

Voorne Putten is one of the islands of Zuid-Holland, together with Goeree Overflakkee. On the islands you will find the convenience of the Randstad and the peace and nature that Zeeland offers.

Voorne Putten is surrounded by water and you can explore the many dune areas, forests and beaches of Voorne Putten, but the cities with big historical value are also definitely worth a visit.

In 30 minutes you will be in Rotterdam or on the extensive beaches of Zeeland.

Resort Città  Romana itself is in Hellevoetsluis. Hellevoetsluis has a cosy centre and an historical Fortress that was an important marine harbour in the 19th century. This history can still be seen everywhere.

Let yourself be surprised!