Outing in Zeeland

Explore Zeeland from Resort Città Romana.

You can explore Middelburg, Zierikzee or Goes for example.


Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland and is full of monuments that refer to the past. In VOC times, Middelbrug was the second biggest trade city in our country, after Amsterdam. Aside from the big chain stores, it also offers nice boutiques, galleries and art dealers. Usually in historical buildings, but there is also space for modern architecture.


Go shopping for a day and grab a terrace in Goes. Our advice is to do this on Tuesday or Saturday. On these days, the market in Grote is very popular. You can enjoy some food and beverages in the cafés and restaurants.


Zierikzee is also full of monuments. The most striking is the St. Lieve Monstertoren, which welcomes visitors to the cosy centre. In the centre, there are a lot of stores and terraces that overlook the Nieuwe Haven.