Escape Rooms are the perfect outings during your holidays. Working together with family and friends to leave the escape room within 60 minutes. In Hellevoetsluis you will find Escape Room Adventuredome and The Cube.

Escape Room 007

A secret U.S. army base is stationed at europarcs. There are two large American nuclear missiles deployed here towards Russia. You understand that this is a very big problem! Now it turns out that the KGB found out about this and sent their secret agent Nikita to the Netherlands. Nikita has linked a Russian time bomb to the missiles, in exactly 60 minutes the bombs will go off! We tried everything to defuse the bombs, but we failed. That’s why you’ve invited you to join us, because we’ve heard that you have all the skills to stop these bombs. Do you know how to keep Hellevoetsluis on the map? You understand, of course, that this could lead to a war between Russia and America, do you know how to prevent it and save the world?


10 persons per room and there are 2 rooms available. The escape room is wheelchair accessible and made for childern above the age of 8. The room can be played in Englisch.



1 room €99,50
2 rooms €162,50


De Maffioso Kamer

For years you have been at the bottom of the foodchain in the mob family, and you have had enough of doing all the annoying jobs. The most precious possession of the Mob boss are a few huge diamonds, which he has hidden in his office. If you can steal and sell these, you will have a golden future. The boss has just stormed out….this is your chance!

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