Swimming pool

In the central building, you will find our indoor swimming pool. You can relax while swimming lengths or play with the kids in the special kiddy pool.

In the swimming pool you will also find our sauna, for which you can make a reservation at the reception. The use of the sauna is for free.

The swimming pool is open:

Monday to Friday 09:00-19:30
Saturday to Sunday 09:00-17:30

Please reserve a time for using the pool so that we can ensure 1,5 meter distance between the visitors.

Swimming school Goederond

During the whole week, the swimming pool is used for swimming classes for children from the area of Hellevoetsluis. The lessons are provided by swimming school Goederond and take place on:


Monday between 15:45-17:45
Tuesday between15:45-17:45
Wednesday between13:00-18:00
Thursday between 15:45-17:45
Friday between15:45-17:45
Saturday between09:00-12:00
Sunday between 09:00-12:00

If you might find this bothersome, we suggest you avoid these times in the swimming pool.

If you are interested in the swimming instructions offered by Goederond, you can call +31 181-487970 or take a look at their website www.zwemschoolgoederond.nl


FloatFit is a new sport in the swimming pool. During FloatFit you aren’t in the water, but you’re standing on inflated mats on the water. The inflatable mats, – called AquaBases –  are connected with ropes and elastic bands, so that they can’t just float away.
During a FloatFit training you will use muscles that you weren’t even aware of! Because you’re not just doing the moves, but you also continuously have to stay balanced on the moving mat. This makes FloatFit an extra effective way of training, which will also have you working on your core stability

What do you need?

  • one (or more) swimming certificate(s)
  • a drinking bottle
  • a bathing suit/bikini/ swimming trunks
  • a tanktop and tight sports trousers
  • a minimum age of 5

Prices: €7.50 for a separate lesson for a child and €12.50 for a separate lesson for an adult.

If you want to take the lessons every week, you can choose a subscription or a punch ticket. Every lesson is €10.00. A trial lesson costs €5.00.
Would you like to attend a lesson? Download the app “pay n plan” and find me under the name “Enjoy Sports and Food” or send a message via +31 6-50227305, pt.claudia@hotmail.com

FloatFit for Kids Children's party

Aside from the regular FloatFit lessons, you can also book a FloatFit children’s party on Saturday or Sunday afternoon or in the school holidays. The children will get to know FloatFit, but aside from that they also do fun games in and around the swimming pool. Finally, they’ll have free swimming time, and they can also choose to swim with a mermaid’s tail.  You can choose between a 1-hour party or a 1.5-hour party with a maximum of 10 children. There is a restaurant next to the swimming pool. This means that there are also complete packages available for a Floatfit for kids parties, including cake and a present or a Floatfit for kids party including pancake and present or chips. Send an email  pt.claudia@hotmail.com or a message to +31 6-50227305 for more information.