Water sports

Resort Città Romana is located on the island Voorne-Putten which is surrounded by water. The former estuaries Haringvliet and Grevelingen and the easily accessible North Sea, offer plenty of space to the water sports athletes.


Brielse Meer

Between the fortress town Brielle and the harbour area Rotterdam you will find the Brielse Meer. For pleasure cruises, there are various marinas at the lake. You’re allowed at the jetties and the harbours. Canoeing, water cycling, and water skiing are among the many possibilities.


Oostvoornse Meer

The Oostvoorne Meer, at the north side of Voorne, is located between the North Sea and the Brielse Meer. The lake is 250 hectare big and facilitates a lot of water sports. The Oostvoornse Meer is very suitable for diving, because there is a prohibition on motorized boats, the water is very clear, the lake is 40 metres deep in some places and there is no current.


De Bernisse

To the west of Spijkenisse you will find recreational area De Bernisse. The area of the old river De Bernisse has been turned into a special water sports recreational area, especially for non-motorized water sports. There are plenty of possibilities for rowing, surfing, fishing and swimming.




The Haringvliet is not only a great place to be on a boat, it’s also a beautiful natural area. It’s an ideal place for motorized and sailing yachts. The North Sea is easily accessible through the Haringvliet sluices.




The Grevelingenmeer is the biggest saltwater lake of south west Europe. On the west side, it’s bordered by the Brouwersdam and by the Grevelingendam to the east. The lake is on the border of Zuid-Holland and Zeeland. Between the islands Goeree-Overflakkee and Schouwen-Duiveland