Good food at Città Romana

Restaurant Duinhoek

Opening February 1st

Event location Duinhoek is located in the central building of Resort CittaRomana. The restaurant offers many possibilities. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. Because of our extensive menu, there is something for everyone. From pulled pork burger to Grilled tuna and from pancakes to pizzas. Perfect for young and old!


This terrace is completely renovated in the summer of 2020. From the deck you look out over the beautiful pond and enjoy nature.

There are several corners where you can lounge or dine extensively. You are welcome for lunch and dinner, but also for a cup of coffee or a drink.


We are also specialized in organizing extensive dinners, parties and weddings. Our versatile location offers various possibilities. Curious about all the options? We are happy to discuss them with you during a personal conversation in our restaurant.

For more information contact 0031 181 334444 or send an e-mail to