At Monkeytown in Spijkenisse children can go to this indoor playing paradise to climb, crawl through tunnels and jump on the bouncy castles and the trampolines. Or they can play with super lego and romp in the ball pools.

De Flipjes

Playground the Flipjes in Ouddorp, a fun and cosy day in the playground. There is a large variety of playing equipment, such as: swings, seesaws, merry-go-rounds, slides and cable ways, trampolines and for older kids there is also a ping pong table and a table soccer game!

Adventure Dome

The Adventure Dome is directly next to the Resort Città  Romana. It’s a big hall with indoor playground, lasergame and glow in the dark mini golf. You can also have nice food and play outside. There are no boundaries to an outing at Adventuredome!

Plaswijck Park

Do you want to bet that you’ve never seen so many fun playgrounds in one place? In Speelwijck you will never be done playing. Will you go straight to see in the Harbour Playground? Or would you rather swings on the ropes in the Monkey Playground? Or do you want to drive around like a real chauffeur in the Traffic Playground? There is so much to do! Curious about the playgrounds?

Diergaarde Blijdorp

Diergaarde Blijdorp is one of Europe’s most beautiful zoos, with a playground and a Oceanium. You can explore many (covered) parts of the world every day of the week. Along the way, you will meet the special inhabitants of these continents. A day full of special meetings…

Miniworld Rotterdam

In the biggest miniature of the Benelux the mini inhabitants have all kinds of experiences. They work, live, travel and along the way they have all kinds of adventures. Can you discover what they get up to? Please note… in Miniworld Rotterdam a day is only 24 minutes. Before you know it, it’ll be night, and a thousand lamps will twinkle in the dark. And when the day comes again, the 27,000 inhabitants will take up and the world will come back to life.

Neeltje Jans

Do you want to know more about the Delta Works, do you love nature and animals or do you want to do something fun and exciting? Then go to Deltapark Neeltje Jans. Water fun all year round, interesting exhibitions and a show with seals and sea lions!

Kinderspeelparadijs De Ballebak Brielle

Children’s playground De Ballebak is in Zwartewaal. Through the years, playing paradise De Ballebak has been completely changed and expanded. Not only the attractions have been renewed, but the building itself has also been expanded and of course the same goes for the catering. In 2013 the fixed and original outside attractions (the air trampoline and the belly slides) were added. Plenty of fun for a day out!