Day out in Hellevoetsluis


The fortress time of Hellevoetsluis is already a museum in itself, but there are even more museums to visit. For example the Fire Brigade Museum. In the fire brigade museum, you will find a large selection of fire brigade trucks and extinguishing equipment from the past and recent times.

The Dry Dock is in the fortress town as well. You can take a look inside the dark and narrow alleys of the dry dock. See, hear and learn everything about the dry dock and its inventor!

Next to the dry dock, there are three historical ships: Mijnveger M.S. Bernisse, Lichtschip 12 “Noordhinder” and De Buffel. All three ships are open for visits.


The shopping centre of Hellevoetsluis is the Struytse Hoeck. Here can find various big shopping chains, but also small businesses. The stores are relatively close together, and with a covered part, the shopping centre is a good option on a dreary day. There are various lunch restaurants so that you can make it a nice day out. On Saturdays, the weekly market is on the Woordbouwerplein. Parking in the area of the shopping centre is free.



Go on an adventure and travel back in time to millions of years ago, to the time of the dinosaurs in amusement park Historyland. Or go to the last ice age, where you’ll experience the cold and come face to face with a life-sized mammoth, cave bear or sabre tooth. Outside in the park you can also experience history and climb into an MIG2 and attack helicopter or feel like you’re a scientist when you go looking for real fossils. Historyland will bring history to life.

Are you looking for a nice outing if the weather is not as good? Then you can go bowling in the fortress town.

The lighthouse in the fortress town of Hellevoetsluis is the oldest still original and functional round lighthouse in the Netherlands. The lighthouse dates from 1822 and is characteristic for the fortress town of Hellevoetsluis and its history. On the last Sunday of the Summer months (April-September) the lighthouse is open for visits between 12.00 and 16.00.